Hey, I have been trying to create a chat with php, I keep ending up with a lot of problems, such as no refreshing, not allowing users to post.

Can someone please help me create a chat? thanks!

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There are hundreds of chat tutorials available. You can also try downloading some of them and deconstructing the code to see how they work. If you want help with your own code, post the relevant bit(s) and outline the specific problem. Nobody here will do it for you, but we will offer suggestions.


There is no one way to design and develop a chat system. Do show what you have achieved and we may be able to help you and guide you with what you can do.


Well the time has come that you can try web sockets. I strongly believe that this is the future if . 1 you have a good OOP background and 2 . you can make modifications in your server. The first one can be bypassed but to be honest web sockets without OOP would be really messy …

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