Hello Community,
I'm having trouble receiving emails from my website.
This is the email address i'm sending from "no-reply@randoma.co" and my website is hosted by GoDaddy.
The email address i'm trying to send it to is a hotmail email address but i have upgraded my hotmail to an outlook account.

I have tried sending the email to my Gmail account and i receive it fine but i have tried sending it to my hotmail email address and nothing is coming through i have checked the email filters it is not being blocked, i have even added the email domain ("@randoma.co") to the safe senders list and still no email address is coming through.

I also cannot use any other smtp i am restricted to only using the GoDaddy smtp relay server.

Please help...

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I need to send emails to users, and i don't think manualy sending verification emails would be a fun thing to do every time a user registers.

So the only other way i was thinking of sending emails is making an api to my previous website which lets me use what ever email smtp i want.

But i would rather not, i'm having that as a last resort.

Hotmail/Outlook webmail is pretty particular on the emails that it recieves. If you are not seeing them come into the inbox, they are most likely in the "junk" folder. If they are not in the "junk" folder, then the mail headers are either severly malformed or the email isn't reaching their mail servers for some other reason.

I had this same problem at one point a while ago, all the mail was going into junk. It was because I wasn't setting all of the headers that the Hotmail mail servers wanted to see.

You might try posting your code that sends out the email. You probably have a problem there somewhere.

What headers do i need because i'm only using the from header:
<?php mail("official.randoma@hotmail.com", "Test", "This is a test.", "From: no-reply@randoma.co"); ?>

I have also added the domain and the email address to the safe senders list.

Hmm. Well, I have an old customer that is still on Godaddy, so I decided to run a quick test from their account and it worked fine (accept that it still went into the junk folder). The only difference is that I am sending to the actual outlook.com email address rather than a hotmail email address. So maybe hotmail email is still getting forwarded through email servers that don't like it. I don't have a hotmail.com email to test with though.

You could try going through and adding the headers to the email to see if it could be the cause. Check the documentation and examples here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php

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I am curious. I thought this is an host server issue but now it's a PHP mail() function issue?

This look interesting how you can work around this?

You need a 3rd party email for this.

I don't know what you are trying.

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