i cant get a login script to work so imma take the easy way out and ask if ne1 will give me one plzplzplzplzplz


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tell us what the problem is and post some code and we can probably help

I highly recommend the free version of Cookie Password Protection. I use it on my site to protect certain database interfaces I don't want people getting into.

hey, if u find someone that knows how to do login php script, email me. my friend is setting up an rpg. having a login screen would be kool where he would not have to put u in himself. when putting in the login name, i would like to go straight to my member stats kinda like yahoo for the mail accont.

ill post the site when i talk to him next.

if anyone else can help me and him out, email me and ill give him ur email address and he'll email u about his site.

How about using PHP sessions like this:


if (!isset($PHP_AUTH_USER) || !isset($PHP_AUTH_PW)) {
//If the PHP session variables aren't set, ask for name and password
header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Authorized Users Only"');
header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');

} else if (isset($PHP_AUTH_USER) && isset($PHP_AUTH_PW)) {

//If the variables are set, check the username and password against a //database.

$conn = pg_Connect("host=localhost dbname=[dbname] port=[portnumber]");

$result = pg_Exec($conn,
FROM [table]

$num = pg_NumRows($result);
$i = 0;

//If the user is authenticated against the database, echo the html code for //the page you want them to see

if ($num != 0) {
echo "<HTML> ...... </HTML>"

Use this configuration for any web page on your site that should have restricted access, then rename those files with a .php extension. In this example the connection is to a PostgreSQL database on my linux server, you may need a different connection string/method for your needs, but this works great otherwise. Once a user provides their login information they can immediately access any of the pages with the php code. Their login wont be lost until they close their browser, or you could give them a logout option that would reset the user and password variables. I found the original tutorial on this at this address: http://webmonkey.wired.com/webmonkey/00/05/index2a_page2.html?tw=programming

Hope this helps!

i cant get a login script to work so imma take the easy way out and ask if ne1 will give me one plzplzplzplzplz


For starters you need to give more information...do you have mysql databases, do you even have php?

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