Hai everybody,
the string
$password = $request->getParameter('password');

Contains at least 8 characters.
Contains upper and lower case letters.
Contains numbers or other non-alphabetic characters.
What could be the reg ex for the above criteria?

I am creating a check for stronger password .

something like:

if (len(password) >= 8 &&
    contains_lower(password) &&
    contains_upper(password) &&
    contains_number(password)) {

plz help me.

strlen() <- count the characters including white space
strToLower() <-forces string to lower case
strToUpper() <-forces string to upper case

I don't recommend to use a single regex for all the checks (if that's what you meant). It's much easier to just loop through your string and count what category each character falls in.

How about this?


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What does this match? I tried some test strings, but get no matches.

Me either Mr. pritaeas didn't get any matches to what tkdchamp has posted earlier