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I know next to nothing about PHP, just very basic stuff. I have a PHP Mysql driven web site that I would like to change the look of. I am looking for a program that I can point at the PHP file and will show me the HTML layout of that current page and then allow me to edit that page. I like What You See Is What You Get editors such as Front Page. I have just never seen one for PHP scripts. Is there such a Program and if so what is the name of it?

Thank you for all of your help


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Thanks for the help guys. I am sure I can get a handle on one of the recommended programs. Thanks again



I have Dreamveawer MX, and try to open php files .. But alas, all i can see is the php cocdes ..

I have read many php files lately and i am beginning to understand most of them, but a WYSIWYG editor would help a lot .. Makes it easier to edit the looks on the pages ..

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