I've created a PHP form that has a workflow. When a user fills the first page, it sends an email to the respective department head. The department head reviews the form and adds his/her contents. I was able to develop the form, but I am looking for advice/ guidance on how to send the link of page 2 [which has all the filled details] by email to the department head so that when he/she clicks the link they can view the form details, and add comments.

Would appreciate anyone who can help me with this.



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are there any having website samples with the one you want?

Hi masterjiraya,

No i do not have any sample websites that do the workflow. But I can send you the code for review?

It is like this, when a user fills a form, it should send a notification to the reciever that a form has been filled, and can be accessed by clicking the link to view the details. The link points to the filled form.

for now, can you post a photo of the design content of your email along with the explanation of your problem?

what I was imagning right now is based my previous web project using drupal 6 platform CMS

Do you have an email ID that i can send you the information? I am not able to post a picture of what I want to show you

Your first page is divide two part sume fill option first page and other option second page. second page information is finish then send Email to user or admin.

Eric, you can post your code here so we can ALL help you.

Is this what you want?
-save the user-form in a database creating an id-nr
-send boss a email with a link with that id-nr
-create 2e form displaying info from database using the id-nr (need boss login)
-save 2e form coments to db

Hi Pzuurveen,

Thank you for your reply.Its almost the same...

  1. User fills the form, data goes into database, and email is sent to boss with the filled in details which is the second page, as the boss has to fill in the comments..

  2. Once boss fills the comments, another email notification is sent to quality team to review and add comments.

I just need to find a way to have the email sent with the link to the 2nd page



1/ user fills form and submits.
2/ Insert to db, send boss e-mail with link to view and ammend/comment on form, and update db.
3/ boss sends e-mail to quality team with link to view and comment, and update db,
4/ ad infinitum if required....

Don't send the form, send a link to the form, that can then be displayed with the fill retrieved from the db, and space (added) for his/her comments, and so on.

Yes TonyG, I actually want to know how to send the link to the form that displays the retrieved values from db.

I am able to do it from one page to another, but I want to send the second page as a link to the boss.

How do I send the link,what code do I need to add. At the moment in the code, I added,

$id = mysql_insert_id();

in the email, I type my message as

$message = <a href=http://form2.php?id=$id ? /a>;

but when the user clicks on the link it does not return the second page.

We need the code first to know your actual requirement. Place your code in the thread.

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