Hi All,

I am creating an "About Us" portfolio page for a company. On this page will be a small bio and a photo.

The bio is not a problem, uploading and storing/calling the image is not a problem, as i already have code i can reuse.

The part i am struggerling to get my head around, as just cant seem to imagine the functions, is how to choose/select a photo to link to the bio from what is available in a "photo" folder on the server.

Images would need to be changable -> this would be from an Admin section.

I am not after code, just a kinda flow process.

Thanks in advance.

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click on 'change image' link->
opens page of thumbs->
click on thumb->
updates db table to link to pic to show with portfolio.

Make an admin section which lists your bios. Place an edit button next to the bios and make a PHP page which loops through the folder and shows your pictures and maybe a thumbnail. Put a select button next to each image and add some PHP code to the button which connects the image to the bio (for example through a database, Bio1 > Image764.jpg).

Just an idea.

EDIT: I was typing when TonyG posted his answer.

hahaha many thanks to both.


Wolud this need the thumb image to be a button?


Thanks for the link, will have a look through that.

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