I'm working for a company that specializes in custom software development. Challenges are part of my daily routine and once I thought I want to share what my team has learned so far. You can find my thoughts here: http://cases.azoft.com/datagridbundle/

In a nutshell:
Recently, while working on one of our web development projects using Symfony 2.1 framework we needed a tool for creating data grids with the ability to sort, filter, and export data. We found several solutions but they either did not provide the necessary functionality or documentation, or we encountered problems while working with the filters. After searching for other alternatives, it turned out that DataGridBundle was the best fit for our requirements.
In this article I will discuss how to install and configure DataGridBundle in Symfony 2.1 and provide one practical example.

Hope it's useful. Feel free to ask, suggest, and comment here or on the article page.