when i put my code in the cron processing it shows an error message after sometime of execution.

"Fatal error : Out of memory (allocated 65273856) (tried to allocate 10485761 bytes) ".

But the execution is working fine with the localhost. Kindly anybody let me know whats the problem was?

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On localhost it has all the resources of your machine, not so on a shared host. What is your script doing, that it needs 10Mb?

I agree with dorco. there was a function in php called ini_set() like what dorco posted above, but the memory limit... it dpends on your server resources.

there was something fishy with your server's memory allocation. does it really errors out when allocating to a 10MB? is this server you paid just like the server computer of the 1980's? Most server's package regarding memory is 256 MB at least.

Read the numbers, guys, unless my math is out, the allocated memory is six times the required, must be a problem somewhere else. We need the code at least, and some server details.

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