I am working with HTTP & RTSP Protocol. For live streaming video I am using RTSP Protocol.

For RTSP live streaming my URL is something like this:


But it's give me error "Cannot play video".

Can any one suggest how RTSP will work & is there any other setting required to use RTSP Protocol.

Sandip Mistry

// Default movie 
$movie = 'myip/movie/movie1.mov'; 
// pretend movie is the param passed to the php script 
    // do your query to get the proper movie 
    // for $_GET['movie'] from your database 
    $movie = result_from_my_database_for($_GET['movie']); 

header('Content-type: application/x-rtsp-tunnelled'); 

that is my sample but can you explain to me where the file is stored?

Is there any setting on server for rtsp like server rtsp suppotrted and rtsp port neeed to enable on server ?

Sandip Mistry

No! You cannot, all you can do is to force it. Because if you did changes inthe server settings for rtsp then your web or local server will not work to view on browsers

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