I found a resource that can help some people learn programming a bit better. The resources are provided by Harvard (presented by their students) and I watch a couple of their videos and they were really good.

So I thought I should share it with you guys.

Here is the site: https://www.cs50.net/ and if you want to go directly to their resources, go here: https://manual.cs50.net/Seminars

I hope this resource helps you guys.

IIM commented: nice work ;) +8
JorgeM commented: nice resource...quite a bit of good videos. +12

Just browsed throught the slides of the 2007 PHP in the real world.

What I liked: the final statement: "Never assume, always doubt".

What I disliked: the start, performance and bottlenecks. NEVER start with that (security is much more important). Start thinking about performance when you're application's is running production, and there appears to be an issue. Don't just start tweaking the mentioned bottlenecks. First find out what your bottlenecks are. This should've been the last topic.

What I missed: in the "real" real world internationalization and localization are an important issue. IMHO more important at first than performance.

I can highly recommend the video "Git magic".

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