Wasn't sure what thread to post this in but at university we use filezilla to upload our files to the server so we can use php code etc. However when I try to use it at home using the host name, username and password I do at uni it's not working. It brings up the error 530 user cannot login, home directory inaccessible. I'm on placement this year so haven't been at uni since last May and was wondering if this is something on their side or if I need to change something on my computer.

Thanks in advance.

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Its possible that they only allow FTP connections from within their network for this target host, or they may be using a different host name when accessed from the external network. It's hard to say. Your best bet is to check with them on the different options regarding access to this target host.

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The university could have, as JorgeM said, only allowed people at their campus access it. Have you tried getting the information from another student, see if they can connect from out of the campus?

That's what I thought might have been happening, I'll maybe ring the uni and see because I was able to access from home last year.


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