Hi, I've problem on the coding to save form values and display on the next page (without database). The code shown here is inside "catalog.html"

Onclick image, the input will be saved and display on the next page i.e. "cart.html"

I don't need a database. Just temporary save like storing it in cookies.

So, how do I do that??

<tr id="m16d" class="submenu">
<td><form action="qty_form.asp">
Qty<input type="text" name="">
<img src="images/cartbtn.jpg" width="30" height="30" /></td>
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No database is required to pass values between pages. I noticed that you are posting the form to an ASP page. <form action="qty_form.asp">

You can retrieve the values in the qty_form.asp page by using the Form Collection. For example..

<% Request.Form("userID") %>

Here is some more information regarding ASP and Forms: ASP Form Collection


Hi, thanks for your help. Actually I want to use javascript instead to save form values & then display on the next page. Pls help provide the code. Many thanks.

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