I have script (Here) that check the either specific font is installed or not on local computer. In both conditions it shows the alert box. Now I want some modification. Please help. I want that:

  • When specific Font is "NOT INSTALLED" show this CSS based lightbox rather then alert box.
  • When specific Font is "INSTALLED" do no thing.

This is very newbie question. Actually I am student and just start learning JS. Please guide me in detailed. If possible please create module on JS Fiddle. Thanks

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How to call HTML onClick event onLoad by JS

I really don't understand your question, nor how many?

you invoke the click event on eny elemet by [targetelemen].click(); declaration.
You don't like the "font"xyz" is installed notification alert, just delete the alert declaration line ...

Thank you troy for replay. I want when font not installed show Light box. How I can do it?

your question on:

How to call HTML onClick event onLoad by JS

has been answered!
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