I really don't know what to do, and I really need the page.
Please help me, thank you so much!

The Error Code I get:

The page code:

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Do a step by step verification. Try printing the output for the variables involved in the error, for instance $url, $shell_loc or $get_url. It is easier to iterate through each warning in order to try to identify any errors. Maybe that helps.

Thank you for the reply, I am new to PHP and I have no clue what you mean :D

No problem. What i mean is: try to trace every error to its possible origin: check if strings are constructed correctly, check that validations do what you want them to do, etc.

For instance:

Warning: curl_init() [function.curl-init]: Could not initialize a new cURL handle in /home/anonymuw/public_html/form/bootgold.php on line 258

  • warning #1 tells you that curl-init could not be called correctly. It is possible that the $url parameter being passed is not a correctly formatted string. Try printing its contents using echo somewhere in the page.

Warning: curl_setopt() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/anonymuw/public_html/form/bootgold.php on line 259

  • warning #2 is a consequence of warning #1, since the function that could not be executed returned a false argument, which is the boolean being mentioned.

And so on...

Thank you once again, I will pass your reply on and hopefully get someone to do it for me, haha:D
Thank you !!

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