Hey there. I am a beginner on PHP and I want to create a php page that part of its content will be changed after 5 seconds of its initial display.

Like one flash object will replace the old already displayed one?

What will the the easiest way to do it?

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks, I was just wondering how to do it in php and I couldnt figure out a solution other than reload the page and use a flag to determine the content using php.

Care to explain it to me how to do it in javascript?
Or in swf player? Thanks a lot.


Acknowleging that my JS is, PissPoor
the javascript gurus in the javascript forum could likely rattle of a script to do it in seconds.
I know there is a settimeout or setwaittime function in javascript
a script prepared to wait X seconds then change the source of the player element should be simple, then executed from the <body onload= > directive, the like a sllideshow with only 2 slides, prewritten slideshow scripts, may provide a good hint, or ask in Javascript forum

the flash script language has this built in, but my flash is worse than my JS

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