Hello all,

I am new to WSDL, I have access to 2 pages of WSDL code and trying to figure out how to get them to output on the webpage...

Can someone show me an example or point me a direction to look to?

As for now theres tons of search reuslt on google...I dont know where to begin with.

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xsd:schema xsd:element xsd:complexType xsd:enumeration

soap wsdl:operation wsdl:output

kind of thing...

as I said, I am new to this area so not too sure what they called properly.

the reason for learning it is because of I see quite a bit of serices proivder is using that kind of infrastructure for their web services...I think I need some knowledge about this area...

its xml i believe...

Where is your WSDL coming from? It's kind of pointless to just provide them, if there isn't any webservice attached. Generating the WSDL is usually done by that webservice.

I have a .wsdl url from the 3rd party. However, we need one extra element to call out from the client side...but they refused to give out more info about how to calling out that element unless we pay a big amount of money to get another services...

The very last thing they will provide is another .wsdl url and saying that element is located somewhere in this .wsdl

So now, I am planning to start from the beginning by looking at the .wsdl they proivded and I found the right attribute (online time).

But my question is how to generate the output? Like the client can see their online time after login...

can you point me a direction and so I can do more research about it?

ok...here is a new question...

can classic asp read data from wsdl directly?

The current webpage is using classic asp to login and get the existing information. Now, with the 3rd party services. I need to implement an element from that wsdl into this classic asp page.

so...is this doable?

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