hey...I need urgent help I have 2 comboboxes on a form and when I post the results back to the page 1 comboboxes continues to show but I need it hidden..

here's the code:

<td><strong>or Owner</strong> 			
<td><SELECT id="cboGpOwner" style="WIDTH: 96px;" name="cboGpOwner">
<OPTION value=0 selected> </OPTION>
<OPTION value=1>AI</OPTION> 

			                    <td align="middle"><input style="FONT-WEIGHT: bolder; WIDTH: 78px; COLOR: white; HEIGHT: 24px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #7e7ec9" type="submit" value="Submit" name="btnSubmit"  id ="btnSubmit"  onmouseover ="this.style.backgroundColor = '#be6572'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor = '#7e7ec9'" size=16></td>
								<td align="middle"><input style="FONT-WEIGHT: bolder; WIDTH: 73px; COLOR: white; HEIGHT: 24px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #7e7ec9" type="submit" value="Clear" name="btnClear"  id ="btnClear"  onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor = '#be6572'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor = '#7e7ec9'" size=12></td>
								<td align="middle width=0" height="0">
								<input id="Text1" NAME="txtClicked" MAXLENGTH="6" style="WIDTH: 0px; COLOR: #000000; HEIGHT: 0px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #c9c9c9; TEXT-ALIGN: left" readonly></td>

the other box shows when the page is updatable = true

<script LANGUAGE="vbscript" RUNAT="Server">
	Function showComboBox(secId, selected)
	Dim s
	s =  "<select name=""cboGPOwner2"" style=""width:90px"" Onchange=""alert('Please Enter changes by clicking on Save')"">"
	if trim(selected) = "AI" Then
	s =  s +"<option value=""" & secId &  ";AI"" selected>AI</option>"
	s =  s +"<option value=""" & secId &  ";AI"">AI</option>"
	end if 
	if trim(selected) = "PAL" Then
	s = s + "<option value=""" & secId &  ";PAL"" selected>PAL</option>"
	s = s + "<option value=""" & secId &  ";PAL"">PAL</option>"
	End if 		
	s = s + "<option value=""" & secId &  ";UNKNOWN"">UNKNOWN</option>"
		End if 	
		s = s + "</select>"
		showComboBox = s
	End Function

my code to disable the 1st combobox =

<script language="javascript">

								function NoShowOwner()
								if updatable = true then
								else if updatable = false then

I'm trying to figure out when to call it? can anyone help

Call it when you can successfully request.form.

And also, make sure that you are always leaving a value. Like the If Updatable = true then .... ELSE .... end if

By using an if .. else if.. end if statement, you are not leaving a default action. Basically, you want to see if it is checked. If it is, then disable, if not, enable.

Just try something like this:

Function NoShowOwner()
  If request.form("cboGpOwner") <> "0" Then
    'disable it
    'enable it, incase it was disabled.
  End If
End Function

That fixed it...plz marked as solved for you.thx

Yup, you get to mark as solved below your last post. it will go to me. Thanks :)