I have a page MyList.aspx, which is giving me some issues. When the page loads, it loads perfectly.

In my master page, on the left side of the page is a menu, and some hyperlink is provided. When i click on the hyperlink in the left pane, the page refreshes (which is same what i want), but the table moves down by an ince or some pixels.

The link on the left is provided so that the user can navigate from any page, to the page MyList.aspx. But clicking on the link disrupts the css and the content in the page, starts with a table, moves down by some pixels.

I tried a lot figuring what the issues could be. Trial and errors on CSS and all i tried. But unable to procceed and stuck. Please help. Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you !! :)

If you have this site online somewhere to take a look, that would be best. Otherwise, posting relevant code on this thread would be OK, but please do not upload hundreds of lines of code. it makes it challenging to assist.

Hi Jorge,

I do not have this site online as yet. And i understand posting long codes is troublesome hence tried asking this way as I don't realise hwat could be the relevant code.
I mean I have checked all CSS, classes and tags, none have margin or anything defined. Still, when the page reloads, it appears normal. But when i click on the link, it shifts some pixels down !!

Thank You.

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