Hello Guys!

I had two questions, but I seem to have forgotten the other, if I remember, I will reply to this thread with it. Sorry.

I have no idea what this would be called (maybe digital certificate), however, I saw an awesome feature on the USPTO website (https://ppair.uspto.gov/authenticate/AuthenticateUserLocalEPF.html) where, in place a username, The user browses their computer for a "document" and they upload that and then type in a password. Does anyone have the proper name for this and then a website explaining it?


2nd Question --> I forget what this is called as well, but you know how Craigslist uses a server side script like PHP but their file names end in .html. How do I make my file named, for example, myfile.html but I want to be able to use PHP on it. Or is it possible to make my own file type? myfile.ahudson?

1) sounds like a certificate.

2) htaccess rewrite: see examples in this forum.