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I had two questions, but I seem to have forgotten the other, if I remember, I will reply to this thread with it. Sorry.

I have no idea what this would be called (maybe digital certificate), however, I saw an awesome feature on the USPTO website (https://ppair.uspto.gov/authenticate/AuthenticateUserLocalEPF.html) where, in place a username, The user browses their computer for a "document" and they upload that and then type in a password. Does anyone have the proper name for this and then a website explaining it?


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2nd Question --> I forget what this is called as well, but you know how Craigslist uses a server side script like PHP but their file names end in .html. How do I make my file named, for example, myfile.html but I want to be able to use PHP on it. Or is it possible to make my own file type? myfile.ahudson?

1) sounds like a certificate.

2) htaccess rewrite: see examples in this forum.

Regarding your question #1, yes they use digital certificates within their process. More information is located on their security FAQ page.


Or is it possible to make my own file type? myfile.ahudson?

Yes, as long as the rewrite is occuring in the background.

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