Hey all,

i'm working on some code and i've got a little problem.

$my_file = 'file.php';
$newline = "<?php $root = '"$mylocation"/'; ?>";
file_put_contents($my_file, $newline);

As you can see i want to post a line into a file.. The problem is, this file will output:

<?php = 'your location'; ?>

the $root is gone..
Please help me.

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Well that is because you use double quotes, and any PHP variable typed plainly within double quotes will take and output the value of that variable. In other words, if $root = NULL, it will output empty space if used inside double quotes. If you want to output literally "$root" instead of its value AND you're using double quotes, type it as follows:

$newline = "<?php \$root = '"$mylocation"/'; ?>";

(I've prepended a backslash to $root).

Oke, i now did it by using database because it saved me time,
but i'll try it so thx anyway!

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