hya ive created a edit profile page for members to fill in and now i need that information to go to members profile page how do i do this ive tried several tutorials in youtube but get nowhere with them

i dont need the register or login got that already

any help would be much appreicated

ty jan xxx

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Have you configured the database for this? It must have attributes for the users' information. This way you cal fill in this form through the "edit profile page" you created.

yes ive done the database but dont know how to create the profile.php page x

Do you know how SELECT queries etc. work?

is that the select in database if so i found that today but as for where to put it im baffled as new to php x

You may find this link useful. There's the full reference as to how to read data from the database and how to insert data into the database.

It's a good reference for newbies in php/mysql

It should however be pointed out that all queries should take the form of the newer, MySQLi and prepared statements for security.

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