i ve made a script that uploads an image in a web site and then show that image (admin site). when i upload the file i rename it with a specific name. The user may delete the image he uploaded. Everything works fine. If he tries to upload another image (the rename takes place like mentioned) the pictured that shown is the first one!! the one he deleted a few minutes ago.

I used me ftp client to see if the first image deleted and it did. When i upload the second image (the same name as the first) the image appears but it is not the one i just uploaded but the one i ve just deleted.

Obviously is something the server does and i was wondering if i could stop it...

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Are you sure it's not just the browser caching the original page?

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Perhaps it would help if you showed your code, but I'm assuming as p points out that it's down to caching. If you download the new file via FTP, is it the original or the new image?

i am currently having problems communicating with the server. it is veru often...

I am sure that it not the browser cashing the first page because i upload and i see the first image. the i delete it and i see nothing. then i upload the second image and i see the first!!!. not all the times.. it is probable a matter of cashing - not the browser but servers cashing. do u have any ideas what could i do??

i just erased the perivious image. it doesnt show nothing. if u upload an image you ll see the image i had uploaded because it d be renameed by the same name..

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Best to show us some code. At the moment all we've got to go on is anecdotal evidence. In this field that's the worse case of information to give someone trying to help.

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dourvas - this is getting frustrating. You're not giving us any information that we can help you with.

if u upload an image you ll see the image i had uploaded because it d be renameed by the same name..

Are you suggesting that we upload an image? Well, we can't do that as there's no URL.

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