is there a way to easily fix this: wamp server from time to time starts loading page very slow, once a day sometimes. So I then restart all services and it runs ok again.

IS this a lot of work to find where that slowliness comes from or not?

I am using windows 7, php 5.3.8

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You could be having programs that are giving wamp server a run for resources, especially on the ports.

So, if you have programs like skype and ColdFusion; then when running wamp, you'll have to stop them first.

hmm, so it looks that there is no that fast way. Exploring logs and so. BUt there - it is weird that some quyries might be slow - why they could be fast after restartig apache?

And I am not using mysql, there is postgre server outside of my computer

Sorry, mine was a suggestion based on:

wamp server


So I then restart all services and it runs ok again

Since Wamp is an acronym for Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP, I thought you were using MySQL.

You can try to enable mod_status in Apache and check if your server is using all the clients enabled by the directive MaxClients. Check KeepAliveTimeout value, if the value is too high and there are too many concurrent connections, you will experience lag issues. And check also MaxKeepAliveRequests if this equals to 0 then the server can be overloaded really faster.

In particular check the error.log to see if there are errors like this:

[error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting


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