I just finished reading book "PHP Team Development"

and I can say its interesting read, especially should be interesting for project managers. It might look that there are not many technical things and its waste of time on one hand, but its easy read when you are not in the mood of thinking about dificult code.

Also many things there might be already self-evident, but its good to know that professionals think the same way, for exaple that programer is a human and has its own life, that he has to be happy and so on.

While for me it looks that little amount of companies think much about such things like worker happiness. They just want the work done and pay as little as posible.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I have read many books about PHP but none about team development, which is where I have lack of experience.

Thanks for your suggestion... My friend is thinking to start learning PHP; I will recommend this book to him.

My friend is thinking to start learning PHP

for starting to learn this book will not give much for starterr. This is in gereral about working in team

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