I got this problem when open this files,how to solve this problem?

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/indomari/public_html/administrator/includes/connect.php on line 64

this code locate at line 64

if (isset($_POST["scan"])) {  
$url = $_POST['traget'];
echo "<br /><span class='start'>Scanning ".$url."<br /><br /></span>";
echo "ReSulT:<br /><br />";
$shells = array("test.php");

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Apparently your server has safe_mode enabled, thus disabling the use of that particular function. If this is on a shared host, I doubt there's a way to enable it. Contact your host.


Try the following:


Before the function declation, if you've compiled PHP with --enable-safe-mode then defaults to On, otherwise Off. then this error would happen.

For more information, check the following: Here

Hope this helps you.

owh, that while it shows an error. i think that script not work. thank you sir

i have put this code in php.ini at my script locate

safe_mode = OFF
disable_functions = NONE

it work nice :)

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