Hi learned colleagues,

I have application developed in php which has many ajax functions using GET method. All that is working very well. Now i wanted to put this in https- note the s. so far it was in http protocol. Will it work fine in HTTPS protocol?


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Thanks a ton!
I had this confusion ...Because get method sends it through url and https encodes url..I thought it may not work.

Any comments?


Now it looks like it was stupid to believe it that way..
Also, I am sure I had read some techie writing that way in one of the forums..so I wanted to be clear..


it was stupid to believe it that way

I wouldnt categorize that as stupid. I would ask the same question if I was not sure about some topic. I only asked that why you beleived that simply to get more information so that we can all make sure we are on the same page with regard to your question.


Hi, thanks. Main reasons were as follows;

  1. I thought, because https was about encrypting it could mess up what is sent through the url..
  2. I read some where that GET method will not work in https. In light of reason 1 it carried more weight! In such confusion i had two options, test it out myself..or ask some learned people like you!

thanks again.


So I think my confusion was that you used the word encoded. With regard to GET and HTTPS, the URL and its parameters are encrypted.

In any event, yes GET can be used with HTTPS.

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