I have tried to fix this problem but can't make it to work. I have intalled all the data in my computer, tried a json file (.php), but can't figure it out. I have also tried the CSV format, but it didn't work. Where is my mistake?
This is from the Google tutorial, documentation hereClick Here :

  $.getJSON('https://storelocator-go-demo.appspot.com/query?callback=?', {
    lat: center.lat(),
    lng: center.lng(),
    n: bounds.getNorthEast().lat(),
    e: bounds.getNorthEast().lng(),
    s: bounds.getSouthWest().lat(),
    w: bounds.getSouthWest().lng(),
    audio: features.contains(audioFeature) || '',
    access: features.contains(wheelchairFeature) || ''
  }, function(resp) {
    var stores = that.parse_(resp.data);
    that.sortByDistance_(center, stores);

I have just tried to put my .php file instead of the url above. Doesn't work (just removed above url by my 'locationsJSON.php', just like that. Could someone help me with that?
Thank you so much for your time ! The CSV route is not working either. Really frurtrating.

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CSV file: don't use MS microsoft. Use Notepad to save the file.
As for the Json... still working...

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