GoodDay all.
I have been asked to create a search box which will search all the html pages on my clients website for particular text / words. Nothing fancyjust TEXT. there is no DB to search. The problem they have is that they have over a hundred html pages already and now want search functionality which will list the pages that fit the search criteria.

If this page is online, I think the easiest way to approach this problem is by implemting Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE). I beleive that DaniWeb's site uses it. I also use it on my site as well.

Its free to use and can be incorporated into your site by using the snippet of code Google provides you with. Of course, for the search to work, the site's pages have to be indexed by Google.

Based on your criteria, the best way is, as Jorge says, to use Google Custom Search Engine. We use dto use CSBE (the business version) but now we use the free version of CSE.

If you did have a database, I would recommend either SphinxSearch or Lucene.