Hi There,
I have written a very simple notice board page, for displaying information to the team where I work. I want to have an admin.html page where I can enter details in fields and select from drop downs, then hit submit and it populates a page called "notice.html"

is this possible? I have seen some articles, but nothing is quite clear, hoping you can help.

Not with Javascript alone. You'll need something to modify the notice.html file, or adjust the notice page so it will get the information from a database or file. Some scripting will be involved.

Thats fine, Ive looked at the jquery
$('sample').load('admin.html' #container');

but it doesnt seem to work, I cant use a database at the moment, this is why Im using html and jquery

You cannot load from another page like that. What you can do is load the entire page with an AJAX call, and then parse out what you need.

I think the issue is, the admin.html has options loaded into it, and its these loaded options I need..

priteas, can you give me a clue how its done? please?

This could be easily done with some server side scripting and a database? I think it would be worth your time to learn how to do that??

What you are trying to do doesn't seem to be very scalable.