Dear Friends,
As usually I came with a PHP Problem.
I've created a form. When user press the Submit button all the data will added to the database.
I want to send an email with all data in form to my inbox when the user pressed a submit button.

Summary is I wants to add dual action when user press submit button.
1. Add data to the Database
2. Send an email to my inbox

Need your help.

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hai Shalomd,

have you tried anything/any code so far please share with us?

for sending mail use php mail(to,subject,message,headers,parameters) function like as in the given url

let me know the status

happy coding

When you say;

I've created a form

Where is the form?

     $SQL = "INSERT INTO tablename(ID, Name, Price) VALUES ('', '4-6 Days', '£75.00')";
     $result = mysql_query($SQL);
And use mail(to,subject,message,headers,parameters) function to send the email.
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