Hello Guyz! anoyher Help Please! I Published My Site. When i type Url and itz Working perfectly,
Here Comes My Problem When i search My Site in google (By URL) It Shows My site. And now I want to change the
for example here

xxxxxx - Home

I want to change the Blue Colored name shows in Google How can i Change That Please help!!

So, you really dont have control on exactly what is displayed in the search results such as the description, but for the hyperlink where your site's name is displayed, that information is taken from the content of your page's <title> element. You can do a search on Google for SEO, and Google even has a document you can download and read with tips on things you can do to improve your site from a search engine optimization's perspective.

Take a look at their starter guide.

If you have access to the the HTML, look for the <title> element located in the <head> section. Each of your pages should have a unique title.