What does a "private" area of a website involve?Webhooks, tokens, APIs?

I am developing a website which will allow registered users to register, make a payment, and then get transferred to an area where they write an online essay in a textarea. I DON'T WANT NON-PAYERS TO GO HERE.

The payment mechanism that I want is STRIPE.COM or one of its 3rd party affiliates, such as gohelium.com or spacebox.io .

With STRIPE (or one of its affiliates, such as gohelium.com or spacebox.io), it's very easy to setup, and after a person makes a payment, I have no problem making them visit any page after that, even cnn.com or reddit.com .

However, what I'm wanting to do is redirect them to a site within my webpage that only payed members can enter. I don't want a non-payer to be able to be able to visit this site.

My site is being developed in PHP. How do I create the most austere and simple re-directed site for payed users?

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I assume you can have the users table have a 'paid' column. The stripe should send back a token or some such info to say whether the payment was successful. On receipt of such info, update the user table. Then in the essay page, you can have a redirect working on a call to the DB or a session var (taken from the DB). You probably will have a nav link to the essay page too. That will be conditional too on the state of payment (DB/session).