I was reading through Javascript overview on a webiste that stated following:

1) JavaScript can not be used for Networking applications because there is no such support available.

2) JavaScript doesn't have any multithreading or multiprocess capabilities.

My Questions:

1) Which kind of 'Networking Applications' are we talking about?

2) What is multithreading and multiprocessing capabilities author is talking about ?


Can you include a link to the article?
Also, #2 is no longer true as there are WebWorkers.

1) Which kind of 'Networking Applications' are we talking about?

Unlike JavaScript, server side code can do things like connect to a remote host over the network. Such as send an ICMP request, perform a DNS lookup, query a SQL server, etc.. This is a limitation of JavaScript.

@JorgeM: I got it . . . What about multithreading and multiprocessing ?

As mentioned above webworkers mitigates the single threaded nature of javascript.

That was enlightening. helped a lot.

thanx guys .