hi, i am new to this php scripting language.
can any one tell me step by step process to run a simple "hello world" program.
and tell me ..what are the software packages that i need to do this.
thanks in advance.

Install Apache and PHP. Either download them separately or use a pre-built package that installs everything you need. What that is, depends on the OS you're running. Technically, PHP alone could suffice, as the latest version also includes a simple test server.

Here is a short list of packages that can be used to install a LAMP stack on your PC (if you are running Windows). I could only find this list in the internet archive as it has been deleted from Wikipedia.

Any one of these should pretty quickly get you to the point of seeing "Hello World" in your browser.

Click Here

Install WAMP server on your local machine. The installation is pretty straightforward. The one thing to watch out for - if you have Skype running it will already have grabbed Port 80 and the W wamp icon in your tray menu will stay amber. If that happens quit Skype, start WAMP and then start Skype again. With all that done write this script in your favourite text editor (Notepad will do)

echo 'Hello World';

and save it to c:\wamp\www\hw.php - or the right path if you use something other than the defaults.

Finally browse to localhost/hw.php and see the results of all your hard work!

Google XAMPP, its the easiest way to get going, and then use this from @jrewing:

echo 'Hello World';

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