how msg is send to mobile from localhost .
i need php code
settings in nowsmsgateway
settings in php.ini
setting in httpd.conf file

From "Read this Before Posting a Question" (abbreviated):
* Engage your brain!
* Search the PHP manual.
* Search the forum.
* Search the web.

To send sms form your website, no need to change settings in PHP.ini or htttpd.config, You just need to integrate SMS API into your website code With below Steps:

Integrating HTTP API Download sendsms php class code

Use below code in your file to send sms

include 'sendsms.php';
$sendsms=new sendsms(""
                      , "API key HERE", "sender ID HERE");
$sendsms->send_sms("99xxxxxxxx", "MESSAGE HERE"
                      , "", "xml");

for CMS like joomla, opencart, woo commerce, zencart, wordpress, SpringEdge's messaging Modules can be used. Get API Key from Spring Edge Messaging Gateway Provider.