Hi all.

We are into a student information system project and we want to send confirmation to student that his course is abt to start on so and so date from our website but we are unable to do so..Is it becouse of Source code problem or some connections problem or ..
There's nuthing wrong in source code and its not giving errors.

So unable to come to a conclusion wher's the problem...

Can anyone plzzz help me out


I see your problem, it's simply, oh wait I can't see anything because you didn't post any code, didn't say what you were using to send the email, no useful information whatsoever.

Might as well go to a car forum and say, "My car's not working, what's wrong with it."

Thx very much for prompt replying campkev.Actually we have a server(the source of data) and its connected to a fileserver and then thru exchange server it reaches the students mailbox.

When i compile the project and that particular page no error was showing,,so thats why i cud not tell u the error messages.

We feed all the info abt student like what course he was registered with us and when its gonna start like ..and then sedn him an e-mail saying that his class is confirmed.So i didn't understand why it was unable to generate that report..