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I have created an order form with the required fields in that i have two options, one to access the site for free and the other to be a member which requires payment. On the drop-down, I have set the member option to go to paypal page. My question now is how do I send all the information that was filled in the contact form to be sent to my email before the redirect occurs.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi vingan,

One way would be to submit the form to a page for server-side processing on your server. That page could then e-mail you a report containing the desired information. Once that's done, the server-side page could submit the required information to PayPal, to continue with the order processing.

You'll need to post to your own form script first, and then that needs to generate a new hidden form that auto-posts to PayPal and preferably implements IPN. There are a number of existing PHP scripts etc that implement this that you can probably do a drop-in replacement with such as

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