Im looking for a jQuery Easy Slider type of plugin but instead of images, allows me to present HTML/JS/etc content to the user for when he, for example, click on the next button (something that Easy Slider provides)

Anything like this out there?

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Not automatic. I should be able to click a link and then it does that slide to the left (or right) to the next page.


OK, Im going to try to implement it.... (man, I hate web development)

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OK, I got something working :) More or less to what I need....

There is one issue: When I click next, I need to do a (live, I dont think its a good thing to do it when the document loads/ready) SQL query (AJAX sorta thing I believe) how can I do this using the slider cycle plug in?


The next click must have an attached event. You can do an ajax call there.

Problem is, it would only be the next click from slide 1 to slide 2. Not a next click each time I click to go the next slide.


Use a variable. Set it to true, on the next click check the variable and do your thing if it's true and set it to false.

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