Hello everyone,

I am working on a website and I decided to create my own testing server as I currently have my Windows machine hosting apache for this.

I have now set up a seperate machine running Linux and on the face of it everything should be working fine. I have (As far as I know) set up everything as it should be and my server is returning phpinfo() on a test page completely fine. The problem comes when I attempt to view my actual website on this server as all I get is a blank white page. This is strange and I cannot see it being my website code as I am running the web page successfully on my Windows testing server. (I even tried commenting out any php code and still nothing)

I am out of ideas as to what the problem is and would like any suggestions as to what I may have missed. I have checked my syslog which is currently where php is outputting any errors to and there is nothing?


EDIT:: This is definitely a server based problem as I have just uploaded my website to my production server and everything is working fine.

First try to turn error_reporting to E_ALL and display_errors to on in the php.ini. Your script probably has some errors but the errors aren't displayed (just my guess).

commented: this is what i wanted to sugges also! :) +4

The problem wasn't a scripting error but a problem with directory permissions on my testing server (The directory was not readable), however your suggestion of setting all errors on helped tremendously. Thanks.