I am a new user. This is awesome community . Hope I will have right way..

Have a look at http://eprothomalo.com

How I can develop such website. Each there any opensource reference or any paid reference.

Thanks in advance...

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Ha ha ha ha.

Learn xhtml, css, php, mysql, javascript, xml, web design/graphics. See you in a few years.

Seriously, have a look at some CMS/templaters like Joomla. You'll also need something like jQuery/Mootools.

Yes my friend you can even do better than that website, Search a little about Joomla ebooks and start reading, try and get your success it's not as much difficult !

why not you move to Joomla.
Joomla is open source and available on net for free and comes with all features that required a web developer.
so use Joomla..