Hi guys, I am looking to get a script that has all the variations of the name Admin/Administrator so customers/more advanced users cannot use those types of names. I am either looking to know if a mysql insert into code or a jquery/js code would be the best to use. I do not want any form of the word used.

How would you approach this?
What are your thoughts on this?

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You can do this with JavaScript or jQuery to check it client-side, but most importantly, you should also check server-side once the form is submitted because a user can bypass the JS/jQuery validation by disabling JS in their browser.

You can see an example of something that is related to what you are looking to do: http://jsfiddle.net/FVH5r/

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My registration script already tests for same username, I am hoping to find something that someone already has made that I can insert that has all the admin variations in it. I know it doesnt doesn't really matter, as to what username they have but there is a blog that I created and dont dint want to have the users confused.


I know there is a huge list of variations of the name Admin/Administrator.

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