Hello All,
need one help!
How can I send iwo invitation in one mail only?
two inivitaion has diffrent time obviously!
So how can I do this in PHP?
Help is needed urgently :(

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Very vague. What do you have already? What do you want to change?

Can you explain it more? do you want to send two emails to one user at a time?

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Help is needed urgently :(

If it was that urgent, then you'd have included any code, more background info etc.

if it was that urgent, then no point helping now as it's 8 hours since your post - we're too late. Sorry.

Oh am so sorry..
was not able to see this :(
I have one invitation to interviewer about time schedule
and I want to send the another invitation of any other activity in the same invitation (code)
but for separate time.
Is it possible?
if then how?

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Where's your code so far?

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