I am a 3rd yr student and I have to do a FYP project. So guys can you please suggest topics that come across your mind( projects that you would do as your FYP). I am planning to make it web based system using HTML/CSS, PHP and the duration for the project is 20 weeks.

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Something that will take flash and convert it into html5 + CSS3 + javascript. I think that would be amazing and useful


As @prit has said, you should pick something YOU enjoy. Saying that, have you thought about the idea of online compilers / text editors? Using PHP and Ajax to maybe have a real-time text editor online where multiple people could get involved?


This depends on your level of expertise. 20 weeks is a long time, but not very long if you have to spend at least half of it learning new languages/markup.

Whatever you choose, don't be too ambitious and set yourself realistic milestones. Do not start adding cool little extras that will eat up your time like a pirhana at a BBQ. Stay focused. Research good programming practice - DRY, OOP etc. The last thing you want is to create spaghetti code that even you won't understand after a week off.

Sorry not suggesting a topic as that's up to you. We can't possibly guess where your interests lie. Could it be "app'd" at a future date? If you have time at the end, you could use something like PhoneGap to create apps from your html/css/js.

Remember that javascript could bring your creation alive in a way that css along cannot. If you're struggling for time, use a library/framework like jQuery.

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