I have a large monitor at work on the wall, and I want to display some simple information, I have set up WAMP on my desk PC, I want to enter information on my desk PC and submit that data, and it displays on the main screen,

I have set it all up, but the obvious issue is posting data to a differnt page and getting it refreshed on submit.

so on my PC I would have the admin.php page. and the wall monitor would constantly be on display.php (looking at wamp on my desk pc) is there anyway I could do this?

Create a page that uses AJAX to poll for new information every N seconds/minutes.

Without Javascript you can add a meta tag to refresh the whole page.

OK, I can do that, but Im concerned that when I hit submit on the admin page, will the post variables be valid when the page is refreshed? and on submit, wont it just open up the display.php on the desk PC in a new window?

You cannot just post variables to that page. You need to store the information somewhere in between (database, file). The display script just gets it's information from there. The admin script updates the database or file, not the page itself.

I thought as much, Ill have to look at updating a text file or something, I have no idea to do that, I can store in a databse, i can do that, just seemed a little OTT for what I need, is it easy to write and ammend to a text file?

Thank you for your replies, Ill take a look