Hello Friends,
Thank you for coming in this Disscussion thread.
I need some helpp for you guys,
Yeasterday some one ask me a question.
The Question is why we use mysql_query in php.
I don't have any answer of that Question.
please tell me why we use mysql_query?

Thank you in advance so much...

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please tell me why we use mysql_query?

So that we can query a MySQL database? :P Your question is obvious and nonsensical, which probably means that's not really what you meant to ask. Can you be more specific?


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Thank you AARTI SHRIVAS thanks alot..

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If the question is “why we use mysql_query in PHP?” the correct answer for me is “A: because you are lazy in learning and you use a deprecated function instead of (for example PDO) ” or “B: because you have a code that you didn’t wrote and have none or little knowledge about it”. Anyhow the function “mysql_query” in PHP wasn’t a good choice even when it wasn’t deprecated.

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