i have gone throught many crm package lik sugur,tiger ext. but still i dint get clear idea.what is CRM. in many job portal they expect us to know CRM knowledge.any body help how it helps

i have gone throught many crm package lik sugur,tiger ext. but still i dint get clear idea.what is CRM. in many job portal they expect us to know CRM knowledge.any body help how it helps


A CRM is quite extensive.
It stands for Customer Relationship Management, and means just that.
The CRM solutions you've looked at are web based, so they try to Manage Customer Relationships though a web based interface.

The CRM itself may focus on many different aspects of customer relationship management, and different CRM's do different jobs better.
Some focus on project management, other billing and accounting etc.

Usually the advantage of a web based CRM is that it allows Group access to the CRM administration (backend) and the frontend (which could be a website).
The web based CRM allows users/admins to manage different aspects of customer relationship management from different parts of the country, or world even, and also allow customers to interact with the CRM through the frontend that is visible to the customers group.
Even the public have a view of the CRM, which is the public website visible to the public group.
This group based access is what defines a web based CRM.

Is this the definition you're looking for? Or a programmers perspective?

We have developed a very robust CRM specifically for real estate. I would be interested in sharing more if you are interested


Comparison SugarCRM Vs. vTiger

Installation: Sugar wins.
It could be a bit complicated for non tikkies, but I still see it way better than vTiger though there were no indication Sugar was creating the database or it just stucked.

UI: Sugar wins.
vTiger 4 was exactly as Sugar but in vTiger 5 they went too far with tabs and sub-tabs. What was more confusing is seeing a module repeated in many sections.

Adding modules: Sugar wins.
An installer is there to add new modules, the fact that those features are in Sugar makes you wonder: what additions vTiger made to the core? I started to get the feeling that vTiger CRM is Sugar with some aimless modifications and some modules.

Diversity of modules: vTiger wins.
I missed Products module, Orders module though I didn't check the community yet. Someone may have already done them.

Administration area: Sugar wins.
Sugar is really great when it comes to administration. Though vTiger is based on Sugar, I have seen in vTiger's code they have disabled some features that were built-in Sugar such as mandatory custom fields.

Theming: Sugar's Smarty is way better than vTiger's. I really think it's easier to theme Sugar.

Code base: Sugar wins.
I really liked Sugar's code over vTiger's. It's still clean and tidy. I believe I can do things faster on Sugar than on vTiger.

To sum up: I generally believe if you have no problems with SugarCRM liesence then you go for it. It will give you way better stability and scalability than vTiger. If you're a coder seeking a better code then go for Sugar. I'd only recommend vTiger in case it will fit your needs without any developing, otherwise you may end-up wasting some time which you could save doing it with Sugar.

as summary we can say that
1- SugarCRM support Thunderbird (Sugarbird) Mail System
2- Sugar NoteIn* is an open-source module for sugarCRM wich provides a VoIP integration with Asterisk.

while Vtiger is not support this. what do you think?
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Hi all,

I am doing an CRM application which is sending and receiving of sms in the vb.net language but the problem is that I am sort of a no where conclusions where I could not build an application to form it in the CRM application. Hope that anyone could help.