hi there,
i'm doing a basic computer science homework and i cannot figure out how to run the javascript on the browser...
so i write a program on microsoft word and save as "java.html" under html document, then what do i do to display the contents on the browser???
any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I bet the filename is actually named: java.html.doc, unless you have specifically gone into windows and told it to show you filename extentions. you can open up internet explorer, and go to file open, and it might open it that way, but being it's probably in word format, it might get really upset. If you want to fix it, you can go to my computer, then tools, and folder options. Then click on the view tab, and in the listbox find hidden files and folders, and put the dot in show hidden files and folders, Then hit ok. You should be able to rename the file properly now.

And if this isn't the case, and the file really is an HTML file with a ".html" extension, simply double-clicking it should open it in your default browser.

If not, then open the browser, and drag the file into the browser.

thank you so much for your help...but i still don't understand??
all i'm trying to do is open the document file through a web browser but when i open the internet explorer, and go to file, open, and open the document file, it shows exactly what i wrote in my document file... since it's a javascript program, shouldn't it only show hello world! if i wrote:


<script type="text/javascript">
document.write("Hello World!")


If you're using Internet Explorer, you're probably getting a security alert, since IE won't run JavaScript on files loaded locally.

However, from your description, I would say Comatose is probably closest to the truth: your browser is treating it like it's a text file, not an HTML file.

Are you sure the file has .html as the extension, and not .doc or .txt?

where is the file saved on your hard-drive? Right click on the file, go to properties, and where does "location" say it's it?

Another alternative, is to simply unzip this attachment, and put the quickren.exe file in the c:\windows folder. Then double click on quickren.exe. Now, right click on your html file, and choose quickren. Then, make sure that the filename is java.html, and not java.html.doc, or java.html.txt

Or go to start -> programs -> accessories -> notepad
Paste in your html code.
Save as java.html - remember to select 'all files and folders' in the file type below the filename box
Open in your browser.

You could also consider downloading html kit

yea this is the best answer
why u r using word, just go to notepad and write ur code there.
Save it as *.htm.
This is the easiet method