Hi, I've a project is create a shopping cart system. I'm wondering how to create add option(color,size,etc) in add product page just like opencart? I'm trying to understand opencart files but too bad, I don't understand class file at all. Anyone can give me some concept about how it work?

My problem:
I want to add another option which allow to add color,size,etc and value for it.(can be any name and value input by admin).

My form element:
In my add product page contains some form field element: name,model,price,quantity and description.

Every unique item needs an identification number, so instead of having one ID for cars and then fart assin' around with colours, models and years I would have one unique ID for the red 2010 fiat punto and a unique ID number for every vehicle.

Most ecommerce store owners require this anywhom for their storage warehouses to accept delivery schedules (They're generically called SKU's).

Lets say for example that you sell silicon wristbands and you have three colours, red, white and blue. I would have a unique ID for wristbands such as 01 and a unique ID for each colour and size and so forth, example:

Silicon Wristband = 01
Small = 01
Medium = 02
Large = 03
X-Large = 04
Red = 01
White = 02
Blue = 03

So if someone ordered a large blue wristband the complete unique ID = 010303, then this can also act as my SKU reference. If you then think about OOP you'll start to see how you can then use the same size and colour ID's for multiple products.

I hope this helps your mind mapping!


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