Hello Sir,
I want to submit some data. already i have created some kind of registration form and PHP/MySQL things and it is working fine.in that form i have to add print option also.i have one word document file in that document some of the content there.the content should be same for all users.when the user submitting his data to that form the word document content and his name,date,address should be print from DATABASE.can you give the idea .

This is going to be a bit difficult, because "you" and your database are at the server side and the printing must occur at the client side. But your user can use the "print" option of your browser to print an image of your page.


You need to forward the user to a page where the data are less crowded or more suitable for printing and then you add javascript like so..

<input type="submit" value="print" onClick="window.print()" />

that should be simple enough for you to implement...

is there any way of creating template or formatting for printing data from my sql?Say i want to create discharge summary for my patient by taking selected fields from my database and then add some instructions on discharge. Regards